Wolf Baron 24 Piece Black Cabinet Winder 468170

ITEM: 468170
SIZE: 25”L X 8.5”W X 53.25”H

Timeless features and technological advancements make Baron a collectors dream come true. Locking glass doors shield and store 24 watches, while sharp polished chrome hardware compliments the luxurious wood exterior. This advanced cabinet winder grants limitless control of all turning cycles through WOLF’s app which connects via Bluetooth to the cabinet so you can program turns per day for each of your watches. This allows for total customisation keeping your watches keeping perfect time. Each of the two drawers accommodate additional watch storage for 7 watches and have a travel case for 3 timepieces. The roll also has a hidden tube compartment for jewellery storage and those most precious of things.

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  • Bluetooth app controlled: Apple & Android
  • Rotation options: Customisable pre-programmed rotation 1–1,999 turns per day (TPD)
  • Settings: Clockwise, counter-clockwise, bi-directional
  • Start delay: Fully wound watches or those that have a power reserve, select from 1–255 hours, selected program will not start until start delay hours elapse
  • Lock-in cuff: Patented cuff & drum design ensures that cuff locks inside, ensuring watch is held safely
  • Size: Cuff and drum will suit all watch, strap & case sizes
  • Watch protection and winding: Keep safe, properly wound 24 watches, the app will control each timepieces’ TPD precisely
  • Patent: Turns per day are guaranteed by our patented method of counting turns – no other company does that
  • Additional watch storage: 2 Pull-out drawers house 14 watches
  • Travel watch roll & hidden jewellery insert: Inside drawer is a watch roll that holds 3 watches, inside is a tube that slides out for jewellery storage
  • Locking tempered glass doors, 3 digit combination lock on drawers, wall anchors & mounting instructions included
  • Additional App controls: Start or stop all modules simultaneously, personalise cabinet name, upload picture of your watch as backdrop image, i-Mode feature that dims & turns off LED’s at night

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