Shaped Wedding Rings


Our new Shaped Wedding Rings collection launched last Friday and has already been attracting interest from retailers nationwide.
Powered by the notion that “personalisation and provenance” are the driving forces behind consumer purchasing choices, shaped wedding rings look set to be right on trend for 2018. Our collection offers a much more creative option that the traditional straight wedding band, which of course still has its appeal in today’s market but look no further than our shaped wedding rings for the creativity and individualism that the millennial market is looking for.
With a variety of patterns, twists, silhouettes and diamond detailing, our new designs encapsulate the key trends for 2018.
See the use of entwined lines in these designs, symbolising togetherness and unity between couples. 
With a sense of regal opulence, these tiara inspired designs bestow bold shapes and larger diamonds than some of our more subtle pieces.
Petals and vines give a delicate, natural effect to these rings, coupled with beautiful diamond detailing which is possible due to our investments in micro-setting.

We utilise edgy geometrics in some of our designs, with contrasting lines that complement other rings without being overpowering.


With this collection, we are offering more than just an imaginative option in terms of wedding rings. Our rings are designed to sit alongside existing bridal jewellery or as individual pieces. Why not try them as enhancers to complement existing bridal jewellery or as creative dress rings.

Personalisation is a key factor in purchasing, and our rings allow consumers to do exactly that, creating their own stories and improving the overall purchasing experience.

People are able to use multiple layers that incorporate different shapes and coloured metals to create something that one single ring simply cannot.


All of our designs are created and crafted in house, ensuring the highest levels of quality as well as quick, competitive lead times of 15 days. Pieces are available in 18ct Gold alloys and Platinum, with GVS or HSi diamonds.