Coupland Leather

The Duffle Bag




This handcrafted duffle bag is cut from a pre-dyed, waxed pull-up leather specially chosen for it's protective qualities to ensure your bag withstands the elements as you travel between car, plane and hotel rooms.

Pull-up leather wears in beautifully over time, becoming distressed and showcasing your travels in every mark and grain; gaining these characteristics matures your bag into it's own unique piece as the years pass by.

This bag is completely hand stitched using a 1mm waxed thread and is built to last a life time. 

Crafted with integrity, only the finest materials and many hours of love are used to create these bags. The one true way to experience the epitome of style.

Made to order according to your specific needs, we take the time to understand your requirements from your bag, resulting in a finished piece designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

This bag had a customised pocket added to the side to fit a iPad and travel wallet, with a specially designed shoulder strap added to fasten neatly underneath the bag. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and see how we can create this to your own. 

Please note, the price displayed is for the the bag shown in the images and any requested changes to the design may result in a change in price.
There is an eight to twelve week waiting period for all commission items. This may fluctuate depending on demand.

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